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Morgues, Autopsies and the Cannibal Holocaust!

Morgues, Autopsies and the Cannibal Holocaust!

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Welcome to Kevin and Brian’s Horror Bulletin podcast recorded live from the vampire’s crypt, where each week, we cover the latest horror news, shorts, a classic Universal horror, and two creature-feature reviews. This week, after the news, we’ll cover the Universal Studios movie “Murders In The Rue Morgue” from 1932, the classic “Cannibal Holocaust” from 1980, discussion of the short film, “Turn Around”, and the modern-horror film, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” from 2016. Turn up the volume and lean in close. Here we go...

News Features

  1. A shout-out this week to one of our favorite horror movie clowns. Johnny Lee Johns AKA Captain Spaulding AKA Cutter turned 101 as of his fictional birthday on April 13th, being born in 1918. Time flies when you’re making mayhem. Fans have put together a great chronology of the Rob Zombie movie anti-hero, starting with his birth in El Paso, Texas up to the events leading to his appearance in “House Of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects.” Check out the link in the show notes for that. The good news is that actor Sid Haig is only 80 and still working, with a third appearance of The Captain in “3 From Hell” to be released later in 2019.


  1. Black Summer has arrived a little ahead of the actual summer. The new zombie series just premiered with the whole season 1 release on April 11th. Set in the early days of a zombie apocalypse, strangers become allies to band together to survive. These aren’t the slow lurching type of zombies, but are the fast-moving type that will be on you in a flash with rage and teeth. While the premise sounds familiar, this take on the genre is getting fan and critical praise. And of course stirring debates over if it can possibly be better than The Walking Dead or any of the others we’ve seen so far. We’ve included a link to the trailer, and it looks really good.


  1. The first teaser of American Horror Story Season 9 has been released with only hints of what it might be about. The theme this time around is “1984”, and the trailer certainly gives a “Friday The 13th” vibe with a young lady being chased through the woods by a hooded and shadowy figure. She takes shelter in a wooden structure and a huge knife plunges through the door she is leaning against. Details are pretty scant at this point. Evan Peters is said to not be returning this season. Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy are sure things. We’ll keep an eye out for more information, and we’ll be sure to watch in this fall 2019. We’ve included a link in the show notes.


  1. You know you’ve wondered - In a battle of Jason Voorhees versus Michael Meyers, who would win? Radical Talent has brought the thought experiment to life in a new 29-minute fan film “Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges”. They’ve done amazing work on a low budget as the two baddies battle it out to the bloody finish. What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? You’ll have to watch to find out...


  1. Variety reports that Orlando Jones will be starring in an upcoming movie we’re excited about. Sort of a movie within a movie when a horror movie director becomes haunted by creatures from his own films while recovering from brain surgery. Production is expected to take place this summer, directed by Anthony O’Brien. It will also feature Steven Swadling and Prakash Amritraj. No doubt more casting, details, and a trailer will be coming soon.



Universal Studios Classic: “Murders In The Rue Morgue” (1932)

A mad scientist seeks to mingle human blood with that of an ape, and resorts to kidnapping women for his experiments.

Amazon Link

Contemporary Classic: “Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)

During a rescue mission into the Amazon rainforest, a professor stumbles across lost film shot by a missing documentary crew.

Amazon Link

Horror Short: (YouTube) “Turn Around”

Nathan, a nervous wreck, is both excited and terrified while embarking on a weekend camping trip with the girl of his dreams (Amber). When Amber goes missing in the woods, an adrenaline-fueled Nathan boldly decides he must search for her. While venturing deeper and deeper into the woods, he becomes increasingly certain that someone else may be in the woods with him.

YouTube Link

Feature Presentation: “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” (2016)

A father and son, both coroners, are pulled into a complex mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman, who was apparently harboring dark secrets.

Amazon Link


Well, sun must be coming up. The vampires are starting to shuffle back in for the day, and we need to get going so they can get their sleep. Thanks for joining us. Stop in during the week at www.horrorbulletin.com for news and horror updates, to comment on this podcast, or to contact us.

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I’m Kevin. And I’m Brian.We’ll see you next time!

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